Monday, February 7, 2011

Israel's student satellite completes its mission.

ASRI's Gurwin-TechSat surpassed all expectations in orbit.

The Gurwin-TechSat satellite was designed, built, and operated by the Technion's Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI).

The principal tasks of its mission were the implementation of a few on-board scientific and technological experiments and the provision of store-and-forward services to the worldwide radio amateur community.

Gurwin-Techsat remained operational since its launch on July 10 1998 for more than 11 years, which is the world record for the longest university satellite mission.

Last month, and not unexpectedly, the steadily deteriorating satellite solar panels have reached the point where they can no longer support the nominal performance of the satellite systems.

We therefore announce the remarkably successful Gurwin-TechSat mission complete.

-ASRI, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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